Cranial Nerve Dysfunction CND

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Cranial Nerve Dysfunction CND
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Cranial Nerve Dysfunction CND is NOT a diagnosis.  It is a functional description used to denote dysfunction, dysregulation or disruption of one or more cranial nerves in the precrawling period.
The term was coined by Michelle around 2013 in order to help parents understand the parallel symptoms they were seeing with "tongue tie" such as torticollis, head flattening, reflux, fussiness, tension, noisy breathing, poor nursing skills, etc.  It is now used widely by professionals seeking to use a unified language to describe the difficulties often seen in the precrawling baby period.   Michelle teaches a 3 day class for professionals, please contact her for more information. 

There are 3 categories 

1. Mild

2. Moderate

3. Significant

The categories help us decide how much therapy and time baby will need to optimize function.  Functional

 defiicts are noted 

1. Airway

2. Oral

3. Posture

4.  Facial

5. Functional / Gastrointestinal


Healing Touch is fun and easy to do.

Healing Touch is great for moms and dads as well.

I have completed Levels I - III with the Healing Touch Program.  I have also taken Healing Touch for Babies.  I assist Level I, II and III Healing Touch classes. 

Healing Touch provides a calming input to your baby's brain and spinal cord.

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