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Baby Yoga helps Movement and breathing!  It also helps babies relax and enjoy being in their bodies.

Baby yoga offers quality physical stimulation withflowing postures, holding, movement, touch, voice and deep relaxation to promote a happy and engaging  parent-infant interaction.  This helps baby grow with joy and happiness!.

The experience of movement combined with loving touch is the richest stimulation we offer babies from the time they are conceived. Baby yoga provides this type of stimulation through the mutual involvement of parent and baby. The movements and poses are completed at a pace the baby can learn, enjoy and integrate it.  Baby yoga postures induce deep relaxation in babies as they bring a state of deep contentment.  Baby yoga can help  promote deep sleep.

I teach Baby yoga classes at Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center.  This class is fun and enjoyable for parent and baby. 

Do each pose gently and move slowly, never rushing.

Never force a movement, but respond to your baby’s own pace

Some of my favorite poses to use with baby:
Sole connection
Baby Hugs

Babies benefit from gently stretching and moving all their muscles and joints!

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