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Most of us believe that it is easy being a baby.  In my opinion, there are aspects of being a baby that are easy, however there are many times when babies have a struggle, a stuck spot or frustration from the minute by minute event of developing.


Trauma has been defined as
  • emotional shock
  • wound
  • anything jarring to the body, mind or emotions

Trauma can be little or big. It can be as simple as a cramped in utero position or through the baby's delivery into the world.  There are many traumas that your child will experience in their lifetime, from falling down and scraping their knees to falls from bicycles.  As a baby, trauma is sometimes less obvious, but still happens.  Some babies feel jarred by diaper changes, especially if they have any low back or rib discomfort from the birthing process.  We know how our babies feel by the way they communicate.  If your baby is overly sleepy or overly fussy, please consider a consultation.  What I'm NOT all about is preventing trauma.  Even when we as loving parents do our best, birth happens, life happens, trauma happens. What I'm ALL ABOUT is building resiliency. 

What is resiliency?

  • ability to recover rapidly
  • property that enables it to regain it's original shape or position after being bent, stretched or compressed

Synonyms for Resiliency are Buoyancy and Elasticity.  Both of these words describe how we want our children to be able to manage the regular traumas of life.  Being buoyant and elastic help us heal, recover and move forward with our activities and lives.  It keeps us from become inflexible or rigid about the way we respond.  This is important for babies as well as toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children.

How do we build Resiliency?   Through TOUCH connection and the way we respond to our babies consistently over time.

If you are interested in learning more about this, contact me!


How wonderful !  

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