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TummyTime!™ Method Training is a 2 day class, taught by Michelle.  
Contact Michelle via email EmanuelOT@yahoo.com if you are interested in hosting this class at your location.  
please visit www.TummyTimeMethod.com for more information


This training is designed for professionals who interact with new families and babies on a regular basis.  The training provides a vital approach to help with baby's comfort and transition to extrauterine life and the tummy time position.  TTM helps baby resolve in utero constriction and decreased movement, gestational or birth trauma, as well as help to regulate posture, movement and connection with parent.
TummyTime!™ Method is essential for baby's optimal health and development!

helps prevent cranial / head flattening
helps resolve cranial molding from in utero position or delivery  

Topics covered in the TTTT:
Pre and Peri Natal Aspects of tummy time
The Polyvagal Theory PVT 
Developmental Influences 
Infant Bodywork / Manual Therapy
The secret to TummyTime!™ Method 


Empwer and Equip parents

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