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Baby Reflexology can be done on the feet, hands,ears and face!   


This is a great way to connect with your baby!


Baby Reflexology

Reflexology is very gentle, specific touch on your baby's feet, hands or ears.  Every organ and structure of the body is represented in a specific spot on these body parts. 

Baby reflexology techniques help promote balance and harmony in your baby's body.    

I will apply gentle pressure to different areas , which stimulates energy flow, clears congestion and balances the body.   

Baby reflexology helps your baby feel settled and comfortable in their body. 


Reflexology can help your baby's health, as well as promote improved energy flow to all vital organs, glands and other tissues in your baby's body.

Benefits of Baby Reflexology:

  • promotes general health and wellness
  • decreases reflux
  • decreases colic symptoms
  • soothes teething troubles 
  • reduces ear infections
  • improves sinus congestion
  • reduces breathing problems
  • improves sleeping problems
  • and more!

I will teach you to apply simple and fun techniques.  

All babies are different, therefore, techniques are customized to your baby's specific needs.

Reflexology is typically relaxing.   Your baby's body heals and repairs best when it is relaxed and calm. 



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Babies love Reflexology!

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