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What is tummy time?  Time a baby lies on his or her tummy, on a blanket, on the floor, for developmental play and connection.

What is TummyTime!™ Method?  A unique program developed to address the needs of babies in the newborn to precrawling stage of life.  The program is specific to attuning to baby's calm and relaxed state as well as bonding with parent during tummy time experiences.    

Babies are always accompanied and engaged with through TTM experiences.

It is highly recommended that you do TTM with your baby.  It's great for stretching and giving our abdominal organs a massage

Newborn to one month old babies benefit from doing tummy time directly on parent's chest.



you ask.......       WHY? is Tummy Time!™ important? 

Because tummy time is the foundation of all sensorimotor skills throughout life

Your baby is learning how to move their body outside of the womb.  It is important for your baby to learn to use his or her neck, shoulder and arm muscles when in tummy time. 

Researchers have found consistent tummy time to be associated with improved motor development.  This means that four month old babies who spent at least 30 waking minutes on their tummies scored higher on developmental tasks when compared to babies who did not spend time in tummy time.

Many babies will demonstrate frustration or have a need for more support to enjoy tummy time.  TummyTime!™ classes teach you how to do this....and much, much more.



Why does my baby not want to lie on his or her tummy?        Does it hurt?      Is it frustrating?    Is it the hardest thing they've done in their lives?   Is there something wrong?


Please hear me on this.   tummy time itself does not hurt.  Babies are engaging their entire body and are learning to lift their heads and turn side to side to look at their world.  Babies have been curled up into flexion/a little ball the entire pregnancy.  Tummy time experiences help babies learn about opening up and gently elongating the front of their body, for optimal development.  Babies are developing the throat and mouth areas for future speaking.  Their visual systems are learning how to coordinate two eyes together.   


That being said, your baby MAY be uncomfortable in tummy time if baby has areas of tightness or restriction in the soft tissues/connective tissue of the head, neck, shoulders and back or lack experiences with tummy time.   If you suspect your baby has actual discomfort, please get in touch with me or someone else who is qualified to work with babies.  Tension and areas of restriction clear up quickly in babies, and it typically takes 1-2 sessions of relaxation training for the babies to respond.


Since tummy time is so important, how can you help your baby enjoy it?


some options.....


1.  One on One session - You and your baby will work one on one with me over 2-3 sessions.  In addition to these sessions, you will practice daily at home.


2.  Group session - TummyTime! Tutor facilitates a group.  Classes are once a week for 45 minutes.   Classes at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center run between 6 and 9 weeks in length.  Classes held elsewhere are once a week for 45 minutes for four sessions.  Parents and babies work together in Tummy Time!.  The babies love watching other babies doing Tummy Time!   It's very encouraging. 


One on One sessions can be scheduled by calling Michelle, the "TummyTime!™ Tutor"  at (513) 404-7786.


Group sessions are currently being held at Blue Cocoon in Montgomery and
Red Balloon Cafe In Pleasant Ridge/Cincinnati




Tummy time is essential for good health!!!

Benefits of baby in tummy time:


Eases tummy function helps to reduce reflux and gas, promotes optimal bowel movements


Encourages movement and developmental progression

It is the key to typical development of movements and motor skills. It helps build arm and hand function, prepares baby for sitting and crawling. You may notice that your baby looks in one direction most of the time, or constantly lays on one side of their head during sleep.  This is a sign that your baby may be having some trouble with active head and neck movements. 


Promotes visual development

 builds visual motor skills, looking up, binocular vision, moving eyes side to side independent of head movements.


Promotes optimal head shape

Most babies are sleeping on their backs, so they spend long periods of time with pressure on one area of the head.  Babies are then placed on their backs to play, further reinforcing the pressure on that area of the head.   Over time and through the influence of gravity, this can lead to a flat spot on the side baby likes to turn to. TummyTime!™ gives the head optimal pressure relief and actually offsets the time your baby spends putting pressure on the back of the skull.  Your baby's skull is soft and molds easily.  The best way to ensure a nice round head without flat spots is to do tummy time every day!


Optimizes tongue and oral function

tummy time is the BEST position for baby to engage in strengthening tongue and oral skills for optimal latch and feeding.  Without enough exposure to tummy time, baby's tongue WILL NOT FUNCTION optimally


Facilitates sensory skills

hand to mouth, sensory input to mouth, lips and tongue all happen easily in tummy time









It's never too early or too late to start tummy time!


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Tummy time is absolutely one of the most important activities for developing upper body strength and dexterity.

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