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Chinese Pediatric Massage is a very old form of massage.  I use a gentle touch to stimulate points on your baby's body. This helps their energy flow more smoothly and breaks up areas that have tension or stress. 
Your baby 's immune system may benefit from this therapy.

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This type of massage is a very gentle form of acupressure, following the energetic points in the body.  It helps to balance the body in all aspects.  Chinese pediatric massage can be incorporated into your day with baby, especially during diaper changes, feeding and bedtime routine.
It can be beneficial for colic, reflux, night crying/screaming, and other gastrointestinal problems.    This is a safe form of massage and quite helpful for babies. 
I will teach you a couple of massage techniques to help your baby.

There are common points that I work with on babies, such as the stomach, spleen and lung points.

Your baby feels love through touch.

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