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Michelle Emanuel .


Babies are sensitive and aware. The birth process and the first 12 weeks of life are highly influential on baby's brain development.  Attachment and bonding between baby and parent is nourished by engaging in face to face interactions, such as eye contact, facial expressions and lots and lots of physical contact, especially skin to skin.

TummyTime!™, Baby Massage, Baby Reflexology, & Gentle Manual Therapy have a significant positive impact on your baby's development


 Please visit  www.TummyTimeMethod.com 

Michelle has 20 + years of experience as a Neonatal / Pediatric Occupational Therapist, with specific focus on posture, movement and connection between parents and baby.

She is a Certified CranioSacral Therapist through the Upledger Institute and serves as a TA (teacher's assistant) for CranioSacral Therapy I and II, SomatoEmotional Release I and II, as well as CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics I and II.  In addition to this, Michelle has a wide variety of specialty baby manual therapy / craniosacral therapy training and experience.

Michelle is a certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200), a National Board Certified Reflexologist, and is certified in Infant Massage, Baby's First Massage, Butterfly Touch Massage, NOMAS and the Infant Behavioral Assessment. She is an Advanced Reliable OT for Prechtl's General Movements Assesment.

Specialties seen in Michelle's office: 

  • Asymmetries of head and posture (head turning or feeding preference to one side)
  • Plagiocephaly / Brachycephaly (head flattening, flat spots, cranial molding)
  • Oral restrictions such as Tongue Tie / Lip Tie and Buccal Tie
  • GI issue  colic type symptoms and especially reflux
  • Fussiness / Stiffness / Body Tension
  • TummyTime!™ needs


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, interest or concern about anything I've mentioned on this website.  In addition to all the things I've mentioned above, I'm just another human, a mom of three brilliant and beautiful children, who is interested in helping the babies!!  I'm on your side in helping you support your baby's resiliency, health and happiness.   text me! 513 404 7786

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.  - Albert Einstein




Most babies benefit from 2 - 6 sessions.  

A session typically lasts 60-75 minutes.    

Cash or check ONLY   


If you believe your baby needs this therapy and you honestly can not afford it, please call me to discuss special pricing. 

My office is located at

6566 Montgomery Road

The parking lot is conveniently located directly beside the building.  Please pull in slowly, as there is a dip in parking lot.  When you arrive at my office for appointment, please call my cell phone 513 404 7786 and I will let you in the building.  I am looking forward to meeting you. 



 TummyTime!™ and BabyYoga classes are available at:



Red Balloon in Pleasant Ridge www.redballooncafe.com

begining in October 2017 





Full name:
Email address:

 Cheers to your baby's good health!

Contact Michelle at (513) 404-7786 (call or text) 



Bring your baby "as they are" to a session.  Please do not manipulate feeding or napping schedules prior to an appointment.   This helps me work with your baby's natural rhythms.

  By the end of the first year of life, babies are able look at things from multiple levels and perspectives.  They are able to improvise and put things into context on a regular basis.    It is all based on how they have been handled, talked to and interacted with by their caregivers since birth (and really, since conception!).


Every baby is unique and amazing.

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